Storm SRD-280 Racing Drone

Ryan kohr drone front3q


Ryan kohr drone back3q


Ryan kohr drone closeup1

Hood Opened

Ryan kohr drone closeup2

Battery Connector

Ryan kohr drone hoodremoved

Without Exterior Panels

Ryan kohr drone newgrey

Grey Shaded

Ryan kohr drone blockout

Original blocking phase. This model was another early work for me and introduced me to problems that would bottleneck me in the future. An example is the fact that I made the hood with only four sides which became detrimental in my subdivision process.

Ryan kohr drone ref


Highpoly Model. An early model again mixing together hard surface with the organic body panels. This project taught me a lot in pre-planning on my models and building for better subdivision. Early versions of the model led to problems in the future when trying to match the reference of the real drone. Mainly concerning the front hood. The hood comprises of an elongated egg shape much like the head of the creatures from "Alien". However where the camera nests inside it actually bulge outward on the sides making for a very awkward shape. When I decided to add this to my portfolio I knew it would need to be fixed since I had learned so much since then.

October 31, 2017