Deep Dragon

Ryan kohr camera front3q2


Ryan kohr camera front3q


Ryan kohr camera rear3q


Ryan kohr camera closeup2

I wanted to make sure I got all the details to show through such as creating geometry inside the light lens that would partially show through in the render.

Ryan kohr camera closeup3

Rear Panel

Ryan kohr camera closeup1

Inside Dome
The camera itself is housed inside the case with lots of mechanical parts that control the lens and such. This is a render with the front protective dome removed.

Ryan kohr camera greyshaded

Grey Shaded

Ryan kohr camera boxing

My original blocking came very close in proportions to the original with only some minor changes such as resizing the dome and bringing its shroud forward.

Ryan kohr gatesref400x400


Gates Underwater Camera Housing. The Deep Dragon. This is a case to take a camera deep underwater. The camera is housed inside behind the front dome.

This model featured lots of smaller details and represented a hard surface model very well. Some of the most challenging aspects were getting its legs correct with all the holes in them. I even resorted to trying a recently learned software at the time Fusion360 to attempt them. In the end, I went back to splines the accomplish the shape that was needed.

March 31, 2016