Mackrod Truck

Ryan kohr truck front3q


Ryan kohr truck back3q


Ryan kohr truck shot1


Ryan kohr truck shot2


Ryan kohr truck shot3


Ryan kohr truck shot4

I had to find further reference on what the original truck that this was made from looked like so I could find how the trans axles were in place.

Ryan kohr truck shot5

The engine was a crucial part to this build as it held many small details. I wanted to make sure the radiator appeared right so I made sure the internal fins were all there.

Ryan kohr truck shot6

Driver's POV

Mackrod truck from reference. This was one of my very first hard surface pieces I got to work on. I enjoy anything automotive and this piece seemed to be a healthy mix of organic and hard surface shapes. The motor being exposed let me put all the small details in place to really make it pop. I look forward to coming back to this piece to further refine and learn from it.

Mackrod Builder's Website.

March 22, 2016