Ammo Crate

Ryan kohr branding ammocrate

Inside Unreal Engine

CC_Ammo Crate

Ryan kohr branding ammocrate wireframe


Ryan kohr branding ammocratetextures

Texture Flats. The final piece was broken into 4 materials and then assembled into a 4x4 atlas.

Ryan kohr branding ammocrate hp


Ammo Crate for upcoming title Cold Comfort by Gamma Minus

I was asked to produce a hero prop of an ammo crate that the survivors could replenish ammo from. My main task was to make it different from other ammo crates seen in other games. I went for the route of a busted open supply crate. The shapes of the these individual boxes and crates was very interesting, but became a problem very fast with tri counts and lot of pieces. With some help and feedback we covered it up with a tarp to reduce the amount of pieces.

April 9, 2019